BANDURA S Theory Of Social Learning

Topics: Bobo doll experiment, Observational learning, Albert Bandura Pages: 8 (763 words) Published: April 16, 2015
BANDURA’S theory of
social learning
By Chante, Hassan, Valeria, Eunice, Elorm, Jazante,
Alison and Holly

A brief description of the and subject.

In social learning theory Albert
Bandura (1977) states behaviour
is learned from the environment
through the process of
observational learning.
He believed that children observe
the people around them
behaving in various ways. This is
illustrated during the famous
bobo doll experiment.

Bandura’s bobo doll method and result

Children who observed the
aggressive models made far more
imitative aggressive responses
than those who were in the nonaggressive or control groups.

Bandura and two other associates
tested 36 boys and 36 girls aged
between 3 to 6 years old. The role
models were one male adult and one
female adult.

Under controlled conditions, Bandura
arranged for 24 boys and girls to
watch a male or female model
behaving aggressively towards a toy.

He also arranged another 24 children
that were exposed to a nonaggressive model and the final 24
child were used as a control group
and not exposed to any model at all.

The girls in the aggressive model
conditions also showed more
physical aggressive responses if
the model was male but more
verbal aggressive responses if the
model was female. However the it
was visa versa towards the boys.

Boys imitated more physically
aggressive acts than girls. There
was little difference in the verbal
aggression between boys and girls.


Accurate and easy
to understand
 Optimistic, in a
good way
 Offers a way to
integrate social and
cognitive theories
 Allows and accounts
for cognitive

One interesting point that was
brought up by bee (1992) is that this
kind of theory can easily handle
inconsistencies in a child’s behaviour
(reinforced at school, not at home
e.g. well behaved at school, but not
at home). This view of behaviour is
extremely optimistic. It suggest that
given the right environment, any
behaviour can be changed. You would
never write anyone off it you agreed
with this theory.


He was bias, majority of Bandura’s
experiments, all of his subjects were the
same focused area and his young
participants were from the Stanford
University Nursery
Does not explain behavioural difference
Does not take in account that what may
view as reward for someone, another
may view as punishment.

In relation to the case study

Bandura stated in his theory that behaviour is lent from the environment. Children observed models and emulate them.

Robert and Jon were influenced negatively by their models. They only picked up the bad behaviours of their models. Both boys come from a dysfunctional home. Their parents were not there for them; no one to nature (correct them when they do something bad) them no wonder they were each other’s model. They brought out the worse in each other and thought the other treats that the other did not have.

Robert and Jon learn to steal from Roberts’s brother. They go to the mall to steal and it was one of the stealing expedition that they saw James and they adapted him.

Jon was bullied by the other kids. He intern became a bully. Thomson brother beat, hammered, buttered each other. Robert growing up in such a home thought that was the right way to live. Robert and Jon killed birds and animals for fun. One of Robert’s brother abuse kids sexually. Police found evidence of sexual abuse on James body.

Robert and Jon treated James like a toy just us was in the movie they watched.

Jon mimicked his disabled siblings Thomson's did not have any value for life. Roberts’s mother and his brother had tried committing suicide before. Robert did not have any value for life. Robert and Jon kill birds, animals and lastly killed James like it was conclude children learn greatly from...
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