Ballon D'or: Cristiano Ronaldo V Lionel Messi

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Ballon d’Or: Cristiano Ronaldo v Lionel Messi
Jose Padilla
Ms. Debra Ozolnieks

Ballon d’Or: Cristiano Ronaldo v Lionel Messi
The world’s most popular sport is soccer, and it is the original Football. It is internationally acknowledged by all classes of society. It comes in different forms: Futsal, which can be played indoor or outdoor and on concrete or wood floors. It only consists of 5 players in each team as opposed to 11 in soccer. There is also beach soccer (beasal) which is played on the beach and also consists of 5 players. If American football is to USA then soccer is to Europe and there are a lot of top teams in the world and most belong in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) but when asked who the best player in the world is, fans and media alike point at two players who oppose each other in the same league.

The best soccer player in the world is a title that is only handed to players that have huge impacts on their team and personal skills. There have been a lot of soccer players that has been called “the best in the world” but today, fans have been pointing fingers at two players: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Media and fans have been debating over the past few years who the current best player is and still no one has come to a conclusion.

Lionel Messi started playing soccer with his older brothers and was signed by Newell’s Old Boys youth club in Argentina. He was diagnosed with a hormone deficiency his parents decided to have him injected with growth hormones but could not handle the expenses. When he turned 13 years old, he was offered to sign for the FC Barcelona youth academy and so his parents did not hesitate and agreed so that the team can pay for his medical bills. Players playing in other countries often get homesick but it did not hold him back to rise through the ranks in the academy. At the age of 16, he debuted for FC Barcelona. In 2005, he was the youngest player to ever score a goal for the team. With...

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