Bacteria and Penicillin

Topics: Bacteria, Penicillin, Infection Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Penicillin Changed the World
Imagine life without antibiotics, people dying of a whooping cough, a minor wound or even a simple infection. Until the accidental discovery of penicillin by Alexander Flemming, life was like this. The positive effects for the discovery of penicillin were the many medical advancements made both therapeutically and medicinally. Economically, people were living longer lives and populations were growing more rapidly. Socially, people were able to interact without risking the development of a life threatening illness. Penicillin was one of the biggest breakthroughs in history and it continues to save many lives. The discovery of penicillin has therapeutically revolutionized one’s ability to fight what are known today as simple bacterial infections. In World War Two, many soldiers were dying from seemingly mild wounds and illnesses such as sore throats. Physicians felt helpless and were desperate to find effective ways to treat and save those afflicted. Successful mass-production techniques led to a large distribution of penicillin to those in the Second World War. This large distribution comforted soldiers and allowed their bodies to heal from wounds and from sicknesses. From this point on, infections became easier to treat and penicillin was attributed to saving millions of lives. Following the war, worldwide distribution of penicillin began and resulted in a significant reduction of morbidity and mortality rate from bacterial infections. The discovery of the very first antibiotic has led to many important medicinal advances, which has helped revolutionize today’s health care system. The synthesis of penicillin has led to the pharmaceutical production of various types of other antibiotics. If someone is present with an allergy to penicillin, another antibiotic could be prescribed, so that they are still able to fight off the infection. The production of other antibiotics has also made greater medicinal advancements as the more...

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