Back Up and Recovery Policy

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Backup and Recovery Policy

Information Security is vital for any company or organization. Thus, it is very much essential to constantly secure and protect IT assets and information which is likely the company’s most prized asset.

This document provides a structured approach to prepare DOMEIGHN Company in the event of disruptions which may affect the whole network services due to factors beyond our control (ex. natural disasters or man-made events). The Plan would also guide restoration of network integrity and normal operations of the network the fastest possible when an incident occurs.

* Serves as a guide for Domeighn’s IT data, Internet, and network recovery * Provides procedures and resources needed to assist in network recovery * Identifies persons that must be notified in the event of a network failure * Documents storage, safeguarding and retrieval procedures for vital network records and other relevant data

Backup Environment
As a backup to Domeighn Company’s critical files, a dedicated Openfiler Network Attached Storage (NAS) is used and is connected to the Windows Server 2003. The server then is catering the domain network’s file sharing, enabling users to have their important documents saved in their individual mapped network drive which appears like a local drive but is actually the drive (NAS) situated in the server. In this way, user files are much safer in an instance of accidental erasures and backup of files would be easier since the network only has to backup the server drive as for all data were already saved in there.

The backup method implemented for the NAS would be a RAID 10 (RAID 1 + 0; data is written in stripes across primary disks that have been mirrored to the secondary disks) so as to have redundancy or fault tolerance all over the network ensuring uptime and reliability of the network’s important data and/or services in case of a hard drive failure....
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