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1. History and background of Carlsberg

Carlsberg exported their first barrel of beer in 1868. The quality of the beer was very important to J.C. Jacobsen which led to the establishment of the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1875. And it has always been renowned for consistently high quality. In recent years things have really taken off. Expansion and dynamic marketing externally, and streamlining and innovation internally, have brought growth in both revenue and earnings (Carlsberg, 2012). Carlsberg is Danish Brewery Company which has been founded in 1847. It was founded by J.C Jacobson. The headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The main brands of the company are Tuborg and Carlsberg. Carlsberg has become the 5th largest brewery group in the world. After Carlsberg launch the markets to Russia, it is leading 40% market share of Russia. In 2009 Carlsberg is the 4th largest brewery group in the world employing around 45,000 people. (Kramer, 2011)

2. Organizational structure

The proper organizational structure is vital to achieve any organization’s success as it provides co-ordination for the organizational process and facilitates them in achieving the desired goals (Aslam, et al., 2012) in any organization; its structure enables to achieve its goals and objectives. It also helps to deliver its core of business very effectively. The structure enhances the rights and duties of an organization and it also determines how the information flows between different levels of management. Basically, a structure depends on the organization’s strategy and its objectives. In centralized structure, the top management makes a decision and 1

does the control upon other departments. In decentralized structure, any departments have the power for decision making. Hence the structure in any organization is inevitable.

2.1 Organizational structure of Carlsberg
Carlsberg is structured as horizontal Functional approach, and is following horizontal structure, they are more specific on mixed methods of functional structure and geographical based global organization structure. (Refer to appendix 2) The board of Directors is responsible for the management of the company and conducts the supervision of the Executive Board. The Board of Directors consists of 10 members and 8 of them are elected on the annual general meeting. The remaining 4 members are elected by the employees in accordance with the Danish Companies Act. (Carlsberg, 2012)

According to the appendix 2 we can see that functional and geographical based organizational structure is combined together, all the division are under CEO, who has direct influence on other divisions, which named as Chief Financial Officer, Innovation, Sales and Marketing, Asia, Procurement, Eastern Europe, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Northern Europe, Western Europe and Communication. Supply chain Asian unit is operating under the supply chain division. Although they are under the CEO they are directly involve in planning and participating in daily functional task. As an organizational structure they have combines functional structure and geographical structure, they have taken advantage of both organizational structures. In functional structure all departments co-operate with each other to achieve common goals and implement them down the hierarchy. In geographical structure, division manager is responsible for all the activities happening in that certain region. As a consequences company can get competitive advantage from local production and services. (Daft, et al., 2008)


2.2 Modern Theory of...

References: Appendix 3
(Jakobsen & Storgaard, 2009)
(Jakobsen & Storgaard, 2009)
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