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Neil Armstrong’s Influences
Alexis de Tocqueville on Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong and Ronald Takaki
E.L. Doctorow, Ragtime
Ways in which Baby Boomers shaped the national community – past and present Effect of cultural values of individualism on our concept of national community and citizenry Effect of our pluralistic and multicultural heritage on our concept of national community Effect of the baby boomers on the national community and the future of America

Neil Armstrong and Baby Boomers Generation
Neil Armstrong, one of the most celebrated American astronauts of all time, was born in August 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Before becoming an astronaut, Neil Armstrong was a well known naval aviator and aircraft test pilot. In addition to this, he was also a university lecturer and one of the most famous aerospace engineers. As a result of his achievements in the aviation industry, he received numerous golden awards such as the Presidential Medal Award and the Congressional Award. After working for NASA for 4 years from 1962, he made his first space flight in 1966, and three years later, he made the historic spaceflight to the moon. In his life, he married twice and had three children, namely Eric, Karen, and Mark (Byers 14-29 and Zemlicka 36-46). Neil Armstrong’s Influences

Neil Armstrong made the debut lunar excursion module into the moon a progress he described as a small step for himself but contributing a big leap for all humanity. Because of his successful voyage, many realized that there is possibility in anything. By being the first person to walk in the moon, he raised many people’s hopes and dreams, as well as enlightened many about life on a different planet. He also inspired many to the path of astronomy and engineering. Neil Armstrong left a lasting legacy, because presently there are numerous learning institutions, roads, and organizations that have adopted either his name or the name of the spacecraft that he used. For example, as a sign of acknowledging his contributions to the engineering world, the Purdue University named a hall of engineering after him (Dixon-Engel and Jackson 55-78).

Alexis de Tocqueville on Neil Armstrong
Alexis de Tocqueville was a man who believed in liberty and equality, although he created a number of judicious predictions, especially when it came to the United States (De-Tocqueville 10-27). If he were born in Neil Armstrong’s time, more so during Armstrong’s maiden voyage to the moon, he would have made several astute predictions in relation to the implication of man landing on the moon. Although some scholars have disputed his theories, most predictions such as the aftermath of acrimony, which he sighted was to happen if slaves were set free have come to pass just the way he predicted. Neil Armstrong’s Achievements

Neil Armstrong was instrumental in the investigation of the Apollo 13 crash and he was able to recreate a comprehensive sequence of events that occurred before the crash. During this, he was also noted to have differed over the re-designing of the oxygen tanks, which was a factor under contention. Armstrong was also appointed as spokesperson for Chrysler, a leading car manufacturer and even featured in some of its advertisements. In addition, he was also made spokesman for other leading influential companies in the United States. In his life, he was also a member of different organizations’ boards, for example, the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company. In the year 2010, Neil Armstrong went into the acting arena and was the voice of a character in a science fiction animated movie (NASA 1). Neil Armstrong’s Death

The untimely passing way of Armstrong occurred on the 25th of August, 2012, after a failed bypass surgery to remove a blocked coronary artery. A proclamation made after his death labeled him as one of the greatest Americans...
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