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Short Stories Critical Notes for B.A. English


Critical Notes

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Short Stories Critical Notes for B.A. English

By: Ernest Hemingway

What is the effect of the story “The Killers” on the mind of the reader? Or
“The Killers” is a powerful story, which is full of suspense, action, fear and terror/horror, Explain
The main scene of this dramatic story, “The Killers”, is Henry’s Lunch-Room. Two men, Al and Max, enter there. They are hired killers. They behave with the waiters, George and Nick Adams, and the cook, Sam, in a cruel and inhuman manner. They want to kill Ole Anderson, a Swede heavyweight boxer, just to oblige a friend.

They wait many hours for Ole Anderson to kill him. However, he does not come to the restaurant that evening. At last, the killers leave the restaurant. Nick Adams goes to Ole Anderson and informs him that two killers are certainly going to kill him. He is, however, willing to accept a respectable death. In fact, he is tired of running from death. Nick Adams is shown horrified by Anderson’s passive acceptance of death. Similar is the case with the readers. It is now obvious how the killers leave behind them a looming shadow of death and terror both for the coded hero, Nick Adams, and the readers. Q.2: Describe Henry’s Lunch-Room. What did happen there?

The door of Henry’s Lunch-Room opens. Two men, Al and Max, enter. They sit at the counter. They take Nick Adams and George, the waiters, and Sam, the cook, under their control. Their way of action is quite mysterious.

It is getting dark outside. Al and Max order some items of food separately. They are provided some eatables at the dinner time. They ask Nick Adams to go around behind the counter.
Al takes both Sam and Nick Adams into the kitchen; the door shuts behind them. George asks Max what all that is about. He is told that they are going to kill a person named Ole Anderson, a Swede heavyweight boxer, who comes to the restaurant for dinner. From the kitchen, Al tells George that they want to kill Ole Anderson only to oblige a friend. Max forbids George to entertain anyone in the restaurant. At quarter past six (6:15 pm), a street car driver enters the restaurant, but George immediately sends him back by saying that the cook has gone out. Gorge happens to go to the kitchen and he sees there Nick Adams and Sam bound back to back. A towel has also been pushed into their mouths. The killers wait for Ole Anderson but he does not come. At last, they leave Henry’s Lunch-Room at five past seven (7:05 pm). Here ends the scene in Henry’s Lunch-Room. Q.3:

What does Ole Anderson read on the wall? Explain
When Nick Adams goes to tell Ole Anderson that two men are certainly going to kill him, what is his reaction?
“Death must come as inevitable doom when time comes but one should embrace it gracefully.” Explain

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Short Stories Critical Notes for B.A. English
What is the main theme of the story “The Killers”? Explain Answer:
The study of the story, “The Killers”, reveals that Ole Anderson was a Swede heavy-weight prize fighter. However, by the time of this event, he has become an insolated person.
He is shown willing to accept death in the story. He is certainly not a coward. In fact, he is now...
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