Aztecs Sacrifices

Topics: Quetzalcoatl, Mesoamerica, Mexico City Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Did you know Aztecs sacrifices began in the 1500’s? It played a very important role in their lives. Some people believe that this tribe was just full of violence. Even though they were the most advanced group in their time. The Aztecs did these sacrifices to please their gods.

The history of the Aztecs was a very mysterious and cruel way of life. The first site of this tribe was in the city Teotihuacan (Jose Luis Martinez). The Aztec people had a population of 125,000 to 2,000,000 people (Sonneborn). They had many people in their tribe, and that’s why they probably didn’t mind killing off some of their people. They also believed in many gods. “According to the Aztec myth Hultzlopochit the great god who led the Aztecs to their homeland was the son of Coutlicue” (Sonneborn). The Aztecs of Teotihuacan also created their own calendar and system of numbers (Jose Luis Martinez, 1). This more than likely took them a great amount of time to create the calendar and number system on their own. The Aztecs also did hieroglyphic writing. To create the calendar the Aztecs had to do astronomical observations (Jose Luis Martinez, 1). This involved many days of studying of the stars, moon, and sun. This calendar stone was created for Motecuhzoma II in 1511 because he was the last emperor before the Spanish conquest (Umberger, Emily, 1). This emperor must have been very smart to have his people create this calendar for him, and have it carved into stone. The huge stone was about twelve feet wide, and had a very detailed picture of the sun carved into the center of it (Umberger, Emily, 1).

The stone calendar mentioned in the earlier paragraph had a great involvement throughout the traditional sacrifices done by the Aztec people of Teotihuacan. The stone was used as a table to were the sacrifices were performed (
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