Ayala Corporation

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Ayala is the holding company for its business interests held under various operating subsidiaries and affiliates. Ayala maintains a leading presence in real estate development, financial services, telecommunications, water infrastructure development and management, electronics manufacturing services, automotive dealerships, technology-related investments, and overseas real estate investments. It has recently made invesements in the power generation assets and transport infrastructure. Ayala′s Board of Directors is the highest authority in matters of governance and management of the company. Ayala′s management is primarily accountable to the Board for the company′s operations. It sets targets and formulates strategies for achieving these targets. AT A GLANCE|

Founded| March 1834|
Incorporated| September 1968|
Listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange| November 1976|
Shareholder Information(as of September 30, 2012)
     Number of shareholders 
     Percentage holding 1 to 1,000 shares 
     Foreign ownership(common, preferred A,B&voting)          Mitsubishi Corporation| 7,253
 |  |
Ayala's management stands as the locus of decision-making for the day-to-day affairs of the corporation. Management is accountable to the board for the operations of Ayala SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION
Top 20 stockholders of Ayala, updated quarterly. Last updated 09/30/2012. BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Ayala's board of directors is the supreme authority in matters of governance and managing the regular and ordinary business of the Corporation. The meetings of the board of directors are scheduled at the beginning of the year. The independent and non-executive directors of the Corporation meet at least once a year without the presence of any executive director and/or management. The members of the Board of Directors are given the mandate to protect the best interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. At Ayala, we are guided by a long-term view to create and enhance value for our shareholders. As Ayala has been for 175 years, we are motivated by a commitment to being an economic and social development partner of the broader community we serve and of the Filipino nation.  

Jaime Zobel de Ayala
Chairman Emeritus|  |  
Jaime Augusto
Zobel de Ayala
Chairman and CEO|  |
Zobel de Ayala
Vice Chairman|  |

Xavier P. Loinaz
Independent Director|  |
Delfin L. Lazaro 
Director|  |
Nobuya Ichiki
Director|  |
Ramon R.
del Rosario, Jr.
Independent Director|  |
Antonio Jose U.
Independent Director|  |
| | | | | | | | | |

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEJaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman
Fernando Zobel de Ayala
Nobuya Ichiki|

Ayala Corporation is the holding company of one of the oldest and largest business groups in the Philippines. It maintains a tradition of excellence, and integrity has run continuously through seven generations, adhering to the principles and ideals that had brought it to existence 178 years ago. One pioneering family started a business in 1834. That business grew and engendered others. As it does today, Ayala harnessed some of the best talents in the Philippines. Today, Ayala is one of the biggest, most respected, and most widely diversified conglomerates in the Philippines, with leadership positions in real estate development, banking and financial services, telecommunications, electronics and information technology, water infrastructure development and management, and new investments in power, renewable energy, and infrastructure. Ayala continues to contribute to Philippine economic and social growth through its diverse business interests, maintaining its tradition of excellence in every endeavor. Ayala is gearing up to move further forward, drawing on its heritage and experience to fulfill its brand promise of "Pioneering the Future." Ayala pioneered...
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