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Topics: Food, Nutrition, Food industry Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: March 6, 2014
Angel Lemus
Mrs. Fifer
English 11, period 6
February 19, 2014
People, especially young adults should be aware of what they are consuming. Young adults, as in students, are not only the future of our society. These same under aged kids are also the future of what we feed our future generations, as well as the future for our food industries. Students must realize that they have power to change the food industry and not hold the naïve thought in their head that a government or a “higher power” controls what they consume, an how the food they are consuming is grown. Under aged students must be aware not only that they have power, but how much power they actually hold in their hands. Many of these kids don’t realize that, “Eating is an agricultural act” (The Pleasures of Eating, 1) as Wendell Berry says in their essay. Students are exposed to so many facts and myths about food at school, outside of school, and at home; there is still so much more for them to learn about this important topic. In order to ensure this knowledge, it should be required for students to take a class focused only on the dangers of the foods we consume and the effects of not eating healthy

Many assume that in order to change the food industry, we must only focus on the adults consumers in the U.S.; the reality is, the young adults and children are also very, (if not more) important to the food companies in our country. Major food companies are known to target the younger audience watching at the other end of the television, sitting at the other end of the picture, or listening at the other end of the radio. Food companies are known to target the youth, because in the end, they know that this certain age of consumer is where the profit is at. David Barboza says, “McDonald’s corporations want to be everywhere that children are,” (If You Pitch It, They Will Eat, 9). McDonalds include cartoons, movies, and many different television show characters in their “happy meals” to lure kids in...

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