Automated Bookkeeping System

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Automated Bookkeeping System
BACOCO, Charmaine
CALONGE, Arnie Lou
Accounting System and Design
(TThS 4:00-6:50)
Background of the Study

“Over the last few years, the world has become a smaller and more integrated place with technology that is leveling the playing field like never before.” – Ron Kind Fast, efficient and more reliable information has been the focus of many people at the turn of the century. Much of the research being conducted at the past few years is about technology advancement. As we enter a globalized economy, which demands high level quality of outputs, more efficient and effective operations, and highly competitive entities, there will be no better companion to ease the pressure but---Technology.

According to Sheila Shanker, Information technology had a great impact on accounting. Technology transformed the accounting world from the old days of battery operated calculator to fast computers of today. These advances in accounting, through technology, helped not only big companies but also the small and medium business enterprises to have efficient calculations and reporting. (Shanker, 2010)

Major dilemmas encountered by most business entities of today, especially entities included In the SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise), are problems concerning their bookkeeping, as they are still using manual system of accounting. The usage of manual recording plays a big risk in the business, especially if the entities do have many transactions per day. Recording transactions in a manual basis may lead to inaccurate, unreliable calculations that may have a bad impact on the business. This problem does exist in the researchers’ client, the MAMITA’S CAFÉ &RESTAURANT, an entity with 3 branches located in Baguio city.

Mamita’s Café & Restaurant uses manual bookkeeping system. As the employees, particularly the cashiers, only record...
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