Autobiography: Middle Class and Grandfathers House

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The riverine coutry of Bangladesh is crossed with so many small and large river.As such a river crossed village shaded by a huge amount of green plants and trees in here………… I was Born in lower middle class family in 1987.My father Biswanath hira is a well educated person but he engaged himself as a businessman rather than to be a service holder.M y mother Rina Rani Hira is also educated woman. My family has not many wealth but it try to be honest in any adverse situation. I was the only children of my family since my younger sister born in 1999.M y younger sister is now in class 10 and she is going to apper SSC examination in this year.S he is brillint student as I ever seen.

My family is some one conservative rater than to be traditional one.I was the only person who has the normal face look in my mind who keep smile in my mind always .It should be noted that I was born in my grandfathers house.

M y grandfathers joint family,my grandfathers are two in number.M y aunt are six in number and my uncle are in two in grandfathers family is a well educated family.


I was somewhat naughty boy in childhood.But I have eagerness to the study.A t first I admitted in Chardakatia Primary School situated in our village which was one of the leading school in our thana. But due to different village politics and others bad social culture the reputation of our school decreass day by day.A s a result my father and mother realized if I continue here I mean in this school my result and academic result may be hampered.So they decided to send my grandfathers house(mamabari). A s I have a little interest in my mamabari I did not oppose my fathers and mothers decision. So I went to the grandfathers house with a smile face. A ll of the family member of grandfathers were happy to keep me in there family member.

There I was admitted in Union academy high school in class two. I should mentioned that I had been reading upto class one in our village primary school .. As it was a new experience for me to change school but every thing were ok for me because I was familier with them ago as I was born in my grandfathers house. My uncle was a medical officer in local hospital and he was an well educated family member. He helped me in my education my aunt Bina rani mondal also helps in my educaton.They give me their best efforts to educated me well. I also try my best to do well in the examination as a result I stood first in all the examination in the class up to class nine.I would like to mention that I have got primary scholarship in talentful being first in my upazilla. I has been reading in class nine in my grandfathers house. Then as my uncle being a service holder of government has transferred to banaripara of BARISAL. So there were none else to lookafter my stydy being my grandfather an uneducated and my unt were transrerred before as she was a highschool mistress. So I have to leave my grandfathers house when I was in class nine. After returing my village I was admitted to the Chardakatia high schhol situated in our village. From there I completed my secondary school certificate examination securing GPA4.88 out of 5. My parents and teachers of the school wish me to get me GPA 5 in SSC examination.But it was an unfortunate...
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