Autobiography Example

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AUTOBIOGRAPHY – story of a real person’s life written by that person

My name is Gelliza Z. Quiambao, and I am currently in college studying education. I was born on 12th of September year 1996, four o’clock in the afternoon, in Jose Payumo Memorial Hospital. My parents are Gilbert and Josephine and I have two brothers who are Gil Joseph and Gianni.

I started studying when I was three. My grandparents are the ones who served as my babysitter since my parents weren’t home for work, so my granddad enrolled me in a Daycare Center. You may not believe this but my grandma told me that I always sleep and cry in school.

After that, my parents enrolled me in Kindergarten then to Elementary. I was only five years old when I was on the first grade. Had to say, I was the youngest but I’m subsequent.
My elementary days are incredibly awesome. I gained many friends; I achieved honors and awards, academic and sports, specifically chess. It’s been quite jaded studying six years on the same school but it’s totally fine with me because I have friends to laugh with, have fun with, and learn with.

In 2008, I graduated from elementary and became a high school freshman in Bataan Peninsula State University. It’s great that I found true friends that same year, and it’s quite funny how I always wanted a sister and God gave me nine super cool and amazing friends that actually treated me like a sister. I had so much fun with them. We went hiking on a mountain. It’s really unforgettable because we took a ride on a horse.

It’s my sophomore year in 2009, and the best moment that I remembered back there is when we ditched class. Yeah, I know it’s not a really good thing to do but, best moments come from worst ideas, right? We cleaned the faculty room as our punishment. We did it for three months.

In 2010, I fell in love with music. It’s like, my world revolves around music. There’s something about the songs that I can somehow relate myself into the...
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