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By Maia Ivaldi

Memories from school

When I was younger, people used to ask me what I would like to become when I grew up and I answered that I wasn’t sure but what I did know was that I would never become a teacher as my mother, but two years ago that changed. My life began in a very cold night in June, to be exact on 26th 1986, in the city of Buenos Aires. I lived there the first three years of life with my parents and my older brother. My father was a furniture salesman and he worked like fourteen hours a day so he wasn’t at home during all day. My mother is a teacher and a psychologist, while she was studying to improve her teaching or to get promoted she was working at some schools in lower class neighbourhoods.

When my younger sister was born we moved to my grandmother’s house in Ramos Mejia, in the province of Buenos Aires. It was really nice to live in a neighbourhood where all my family were close to me and soon were all my preschool and primary school friends as well.

My primary school was pretty much new, and I remember that it was so big, that it has three enormous yards and wide-long halls where we ran and the keeper would scream at us: Don’t run kids!... You’re going to get hurt! At that school I had the best and worst moments in my educational life so far. I remember almost all the places that we went to, not only the Coca-Cola factory, the Natural Science museum, the Serenisima factory, the school camp in fourth year, and we went to the theatre to see a play in English. I was very excited. I must say at that time it was a very strange activity because state schools lacked money and English wasn’t one of the most important subjects that we were supposed to learn.

Also, every year we had to get ready for the school tournament, which was called friendship tournament and where we competed in volley, handball and other sports among the courses of our same age. It was a full day of fun and excitement. Besides that, there was another competition in which we had to make a scale model of our school and it was organized by the government of Bs.As. The award was a trip to San Clemente with all expenses paid and luckily my course won. It was a beautiful experience and it really made us become closer as friends.

However, bad things happened to me. Because when I was eleven years old my parents split up and of course this affected my life at school. Every time that my teachers Lorena and Alejandra would give me a lot of homework I said to them: I’m going to kill you!... I’m going to kill you! It’s not fair!.. I just said it in a funny and silly way and I didn’t think that they were listening to me. Until one day, we were in the break and they approached to me and said: Maia, we had been talking with your mother and she told us that you are going through a difficult time. We wanted you to know that if you need something we are here for you. From that moment I stopped “threatening” my teachers. I think I had been trying to call their attention or I just needed that someone showed me their interest and they did it.

During my childhood my mother filled my life with extra-curricular activities, like artistic skating, aerobic gymnastic and playing the piano, I really like those activities, but they were so many that I wasn’t able to fully enjoy them. My mother noticed this so she decided that I had to choose one of them, so I continued doing aerobics gymnastic until I was 15 years old. I really liked it and I think that somehow it was very useful for me because we learned some choreography and competed all together as well as learning how to work as a group. Later as an adolescent, I was confronted with the decision of changing schools as well as getting away from my childhood friends because my mother decided that we should move to the city, near her work place. Despite the fact that I wasn’t so happy about it this new high school, National...
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