Authoritarian Government for the Philippines

Topics: Authoritarianism, Autocracy, Government Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: January 26, 2012
Closing Government, Rebuttal research

“This house believes that an authoritarian government will help the Philippines progress.”

I. Expected Argument
“The form of government doesn’t matter and the progress of the country will depend on the kind of leader we have as a president.”

II. Counter-Argument
“Unlike in other forms of the government, the authoritarian form of government allows us to make a standard to what kind of leader is best for our country.”

III. Explanation
Since the authoritarian government aims for a person single-handedly leading our country, all citizens must adhere and go by the ideals set by the leader himself. The only time the country will be in chaos during an authoritarian regime is when the citizens don’t agree with the leader. This can be solved by a very strict criteria and standard of what kind of leader our president should be. The standards can be ranged from what kind of school he graduated from, to experiences in leadership. Being a leader of a country is not simply a face who everybody recognizes from television or somebody who bribes and cheats his way into position. Setting a standard is faster and more possible when we have an authoritarian government. Other governments have to be associated and linked with “freedom”, and so it is rarely possible to set a specific standard for electing a president because they promote independence and freedom of whomever wants to be a president. It is most likely that there could be an unsuitable leader that is elected to be president in a democratic form of government (because it is “everybody’s ball game”, quoted from my father) – that is the reason why until now, Filipinos are still protesting about our presidents and how they do not do anything to solve our problems. When we have a proper judgement of who to elect leader, we can have a more disciplined nation, economy follows right after because when we have a leader with one single vision to improve on our...
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