Australian Consumer Law

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There was a major change for Australian Consumer Law. Within this paper, the differences on the old and the new system will be discussed further.
Australian Consumer Law is a single national law, which is, applies in all jurisdictions, to all business and to all industry sectors. The ACL also represents a new approach to considering consumer policy issues, with the Australian Government and the States and Territories working closely together to consider develop and implement changes.
This essay will explain about the differentiation between the old system and the new system. There are several benefits for the consumer such as, this ACL will replace 20 existing state with one law, this new law is also easier to understand and clearer.

On the 1st January 2011 was the beginning of a new consumer policy in Australia. That policy is called ACL (Australian Consumer Law), ACL is a single national law covering all each state and territory.
This ACL will replace the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and will renaming the Trade Practices Act 1974. This law will also apply similar to Commonwealth law. Every state and Territory will also make the ACL as their policy so that it will be equal for all Australia. All Australian courts and tribunals also from the states and territories enforce this law.
This law has created a new different system as mentioned above, this law is one for all. There will be several major changes applied to customer or to seller. For example; * Product safety, a new national product safety legislative regime is set out. Also includes extensive new notification requirements for all suppliers. * Misleading or deceptive conduct, ACL prohibit misleading or deceptive conduct in trade or commerce. The ACL will provide the same broad protection as section 52 of the TPA. * Unfair Contracts, on the old law this took effect at a commonwealth level in Victoria and NSW and now, this law took effect as law of other states and

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