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By MarcoTowerrr Nov 05, 2013 363 Words
In “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee the character of Atticus Finch is a …….. character who portrays being a man of wisdom, courage, and non prejudice as he and his family are exposed to the towns act of racism and criticism. Atticus’s courage is tested for when he accepts the case of Tom Robinson. In Atticus’s response to Scout on the reason you accepted the case was, “For a number of reasons. The main one is, if I didn't I couldn't hold up my head in town, I couldn't represent this county in the legislature, I couldn't even tell you or Jem not to do something again. Simply by the nature of the work, every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally. This one's mine, I guess.”(Ch. 9).In the end, Atticus stick on to defending Tom Robinson, which he knew was the more ethical thing to do, proving that he had the highest level of courage than anyone else. His wisdom is extraordinary as he informs his children and guides them into being adults. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view"... "Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it" (Ch. 3). Using this belief, Atticus is trying to educate Jem and Scout on principles of moral judgment and to never judge someone until you see it from their point of view. One of the most fascinating things about Atticus is that he doesn’t prejudice people whether it may be them being colored or white. When Aunt Alexandra gets horrified of Scout telling the story of how show went to church with Calpurnia, she attempts to convince Atticus that Calpurnia isn’t necessary anymore with Atticus standing up for her and telling her how the kids love her. Not only is this showing Aunt Alexandra being prejudice, but also showing us that Atticus is non prejudice. With these examples in mind, it is proven that he is full of this knowledge, courage, and non prejudice with even more examples that could’ve added on to these traits as he progresses throughout the novel.

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