Athenian Values

Topics: Ethics, Human, Thought, Mind, Happiness, Virtue / Pages: 1 (181 words) / Published: Jan 25th, 2016
If I were present in the Athenian society, and were of course a male, I would be on the nature side. When I look at the things I value in my life compared to the values of both sides, I have more in common with the men on the nature side. I believe that having money and power will not make you happy; sure having these things may take away the stress that come with life but money and power will not give you warmth in your heart. I believe that being surrounded by people that love and care for you is more fulfilling. The men on the convention side seem more about helping themselves rather than helping those around them and honestly I cannot relate because I find great joy in helping those in need around me, the feeling that one gets from helping

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