At the Doctors Office

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Human anatomy Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: October 11, 2011
At The Doctor’s Office

For me, going to the doctor's office was always an uncomfortable experience. As a child, I would whine, cry and nearly throw a tantrum whenever it was time for me to go to the doctors. I quite literally had to be dragged there. A few years ago, I learned that the experience does not have to be as bad as I previous thought it was. After walking into the doctor's office in rural Maine for my yearly physical, I was introduced to a Physician Assistant. This person was much more personable and easy-going than my usual physician. I was able to better relate to this person and I felt more comfortable asking questions rather than trying to rush out of the office as soon as I possibly could. The physician assistant was able to take the time to answer my questions rather than rushing off to see another patient.

My curiosity with medicine started at an early age. My parents had a drawer in the bathroom filled with gauze, Band-Aids, over-the-counter antibiotics and other various products for "doctoring" people up. Whenever someone would get hurt, I would run to the drawer and try to fix their cuts and scrapes. I used more than a few on myself since I was sure every little scrape needed serious treatment. I would read the back of all the products and make sure that I was using them correctly. Whatever it took, I was going to take care of my "patients."

Three and half years ago, my grandmother had a heart attack. Her brain was deprived of oxygen for too long and unfortunately if she had survived, she would have been completely brain dead. Even though it was hard to watch her die, the process was made easier by the caring and compassionate staff at the hospital. Each and every one of her staff members was exceedingly hands on; they made her comfort as a patient, as well as our comfort as her family, their top priority. As a physician assistant, I feel it is essential to put the patients and their families first. Seeing...
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