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Research Topic
Assistive technology can provide life changing support for many people with disabilities, allowing improved functional performance and access to school, work and community opportunities taken for granted by the non disabled (Wallace, 2011). Assistive Technology is technology used to help someone with disabilities perform functions that would seem difficult without Assistive technology devices. Assistive technology (AT) is very important for students with disabilities because it allows them to engage in classroom activities or just in normal things. AT can be anything that helps you function, an example would be a walker to help someone walk.

The aspects of Assistive Technology that interest me is the advantages and disadvantages of Assistive Technology. These two aspects of assistive technology (AT) are very important when considering to research Assistive Technology. Assistive technology is very important for a lot of people to function. There are many advantages of assistive technology and there are many disadvantages as well. I feel that assistive technology should be free and available for the individuals that need them. Assistive Technology devices can not only help the students that need them but can benefit the whole classroom. Assistive technology may drastically improve the lives of people with disabilities. The advantages and disadvantages of assistive technology are two very important aspects I want to explore and see what I can learn about the devices.

The first research question I am going to research is : What are the advantages of Assistive Technology? The second research question is: What are the disadvantages of Assistive Technology? My hypotheses for the first research question is: The advantages and benefits are that the devices help students with disabilities function as a normal student. The second hypotheses is: The disadvantages of Assistive Technology is the funding for devices are high, making them almost...

References: Mertler, C. & Charles, C. (2011). Introduction to educational research (7th ed.). San Francisco: Allyn and Bacon.
Wallace, J., (2011). Assistive Technology funding in the United States, Neuro Rehabilitation 28, Richmond, VA
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