Assignment 2: Egan's Helping Model

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Assignment Two

I found the focus of this assignment, to identify and critique three underlying assumptions of Egan’s Helping Model, rather vague. Perhaps a lesson articulating assumptions overall and applying this information to the Model would have been very helpful. The Model seems straightforward initially but the application of the sections and stages at this point seem overlapping and confusing. One needs to drill much deeper in order to academically critique the Model.

After studying the Model in chapter two, my three underlying assumptions that Egan states to make the Model work is: (i) that a helper does not necessarily need to have a background in the field of psychology nor experience; (ii) helpers know how to place themselves in the speaker’s place by utilizing good empathy and active listening skills thereby creating a warm, comfortable, and safe place for the speaker; (iii) and that the Model is person centered, that a person is capable of solving their own problems successfully. My level of understanding and comprehension of the Model itself is still in the acquiring stage of learning. The actual successful application of the Model is not on my learning radar screen at this moment; therefore, to critique the Model at this point is very challenging indeed.

In order to address the requirements of this paper, I will briefly describe the Model, list three assumptions, and finally, elaborate on one critiquing assumption.

The thrust of Egan’s model is for a person to be able to efficiently manage and not to solve one’s difficult and sometimes uncontrollable problems and ultimately realize one’s full potential. This enables people to become better at helping themselves in their everyday lives, (Egan, 2009, pp. 7, 8). The Model is based on the three stages: explore, understand, and act. The helper should be skilled in the application of all three stages. Furthermore, this Model becomes an exercise of independence and...

References: 1. Egan, Gerard. Schroeder. W., The Skilled Helper, Nelson Education Ltd., United States, 2009, 453 pages.
2. http://www.guidanceand
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