Assessing Risk

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MY NAME What is it I want to do What are the benefits to me in doing this? What might go wrong? What might happen if I don’t do this? DATE

Can we do something to reduce the risk? (See over).

With control measures how likely is it to go wrong? (Scale of 1-10).

If it goes wrong. How serious will it be? (Scale of 110 x previous score).





People Present


Person Responsible

Who Will Action This? Action 1

When Will It Be Done By?


Action 3


A PERSON CENTRED APPROACH TO RISK ASSESSMENT – Guidance and Examples for supports helping to fill in this form (Make sure you involve the person and those who love and support the person in all the processes). 1. Write down in coloum1 what is it that the person wants to do? (e.g. I want to go to the pub at the weekend on my own). 2. What are the practical benefits as well as the emotional benefits to the person and to the organization/family? (E.g. Staff won’t have to escort me, I will feel independent, I will have the opportunity to make new friends etc.) 3. Be honest about what might go wrong. (E.g. I might get lost, I might get run over when I cross the road, I might get drunk, I could be at risk to financial abuse by others etc). DO NOT UNDERSTATE OR EXAGGERATE. 4. Be clear about what might happen if the person is not enabled to do this. (E.g. become angry. Disrupt the weekend/evenings for other people, run away, become/remain withdrawn). DO NOT UNDERSTATE OR EXAGGERATE. 5. Can anything be done to reduce/prevent the risk? Look at each point in column 3.  I might get lost – Decide how easy it is to prevent. A preventative action could be for someone to walk the route with the person, write this on Page 2 as Action 1. This is now scoring 2 in column 6.  I might get run over when I cross the road – Decide if the person has to cross the road. Is...
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