Assess the causes and consequences of changes in the UK population.

Topics: Family, Demography, Population Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Sociology 24 mark essay

Assess the causes and consequences of changes in the UK population.

Population is a group of people that changes in a certain area. Birth and death rates, and migration are the main causes for change in the population.

Birth and death rates have caused a significant change in the population due to both of them dropping. Birth rates have dropped due to things such as recession, less people are having children because they can’t afford to have them, some people aren’t having children at all because they don’t want them, which now is seemed more sociably acceptable and so has also caused birth rates to drop. Death rates have dropped due to health and housing improvements, people are living longer because they’re able to seek better medical care and housing improvements means that the cold winters won’t affect them so badly. The drop in birth and death rates has had an effect on the family. The population is ageing which means there will be an increase in beanpole families, Item B shows that fewer children were born in the twentieth century but a greater proportion of the children survived through to old age which has produced an ageing population in which there will soon be more people over 65 than under 16. A beanpole family is where the family tree is longer and thinner this is because people are having their children later on and so only have one or maybe two children, who then go one to having only one or two children, causing the family tree to be thin. As the population is ageing, people are living longer which means children will have their grandparents and even great-grandparents in their family tree which causes it to be long. Brannen’s study shows that the increase in beanpole families is because of women pursuing both higher education and careers. This causes them to have children at an older age and so there is a less of a wide spread/horizontal ties and more vertical intergenerational ties within the family....
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