Asses to the Extent in Which Soceity Has Entered a Period of Modernity

Topics: Postmodernism, Modernism, Postmodernity Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Assess the extent to which sociological arguments and evidence support the view that society has entered a stage of postmodernity (33 Marks)

In recent years as society has developed some sociologists have said that some explanations have become irrelevant in our society. These sociologists being postmodernists. Until recent years society is said to have been in a state of Modernity (is that right..?) and postmodernists have argued we have entered into a stage of Post Modernity. This change in society could be seen as easily noticed by the changed through different changes within society, for example the change from Industrialisation to Globalisation. Modernity focuses greatly on the difference in class being an important factor in a modernist society, where as a postmodern society is seen as something that has less boundaries and stresses the uncertainty of society also highlighting the recent developments of a multicultural society. The ideas of post modernism are very much based around diversity and change, and post modernists highlight these changes through their ideas. There are, as well as those that agree with postmodern ideas also those that disagree, for example Marxists would disagree as well as the late modernists.

Post-modernist, Lyotard that points out this change in society, and one of these changes being the decline of the 'metanarrative' - this meaning that there is now not only one claim to truth, society cannot simply be explained by just one truth because there is simply too many explanations and truth on offer. For example even though science has become something that it trusted and followed by a lot of people since (I want to say the Enlightenment era, but I’m thinking that's too early...) ...... people see that any view or explanation is relative because society has simply 'fragmented' to many different groups. Baudrillard is another who would argue ideas similar to Lyotard's. He does however take a different approach and concentrates...
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