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t one class of the society i.e. the lower class people from my list because the people who belong to this class are far more acquainted and used to this term. They can’t escape from this term even if they desperately want to. But the people from the other 3 classes though escapes from this term, but this ‘noun’ still ambush them!! These people escape from this term when the word is used solely but never try to escape when the noun is used with another noun. I mean words like ‘Reality Show’. These shows are addicting people like Belladona does to its addicted. When people watch these programmes they seem to watch these shows as attentively they would drink water from the Holy Grail.

But do they ever realize these shows are becoming ‘too Real’???????

Let me cite two examples to give an explanations to my thought- 1) In 1 Reality dance show named – Jalwa telecasted in 9x Channel , a child named Ganesh, who is an orphan was asked what it feels like to have parents?! Though young Ganesh understood the question and could not answer back and stood crying. What else could he do? A child who has never seen his parents since birth, how can he answer thet question? If the producer who ( God Forbid) have been in the same situation, answered the question??

2) This instance was telecasted in the show called- ‘Idea- Ek se Badkar Ek’. Vasundhara a Special child, who was hard of seeing was asked how would she descried her Diwali? A child who was not even lucky enough to see daylight, how could she describe her Diwali!! Though the little child stumbled over the answer ,still, she answered bravely, that, She spent diwali in her mind. We know she celebrates diwali every day with the fire crackers of her achievements. But more pathetic was the condition of the child’s mother, who when asked the question sat dumb with eyes full of tears.

I question the producers of these shows that , did they have the right to produce a ‘Reality Show’ in which they...
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