Arts and Crafts

Topics: Mind, Thought, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: June 26, 2006
When I am feeling all of the tension and stress from my week start to get to me, I feel like I have to unwind. I feel that I have to do something to let go of all of the thoughts I carry with me throughout the day. That is when I look through my art supplies, so I can use my energy in a productive way. I love art; it is my passion. I do everything from crocheting to painting and sculpting. It is such a release of tension and stress. Doing art is my way of expressing myself. When I create things I am able to have time alone. Another great thing is that people have different opinions about what is beautiful; by creating something myself, I can let some one else see how I perceive everyday life. Expressing oneself is important. I couldn't imagine going through my life being unable to let people know how I am feeling. I want people to see what I envision because it is beautiful to me. I might be able to make someone see something they wouldn't have seen before. I can direct the viewer through my piece, making them see exactly what I was them to see, without even being there. When I look at someone else's art they can make me pay attention to something I wouldn't have seen before. The act of doing art opens up my mind. It lets me think about everyday things that I would normally push aside. In today's world where everything is so fast paced that it is hard to slow down enough to see the simpler part of life. Creating something takes a lot of thought. Crocheting requires a lot of math. I have two Afghans I made by hand. There was a lot of math involved! It was fun and in the winter it is useful too! Now that everything is done on computers, people don't feel like they need to take the time to do anything by hand. There are machines that do everything from making pictures to making blankets. Everyone has a different opinion of beautiful, just as everyone sees different things. I had a teacher once who told me that life is like an eggplant, everyone sees...
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