Articles on Affordable Housing Issues

Topics: Affordable housing, Inclusionary zoning, Family Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Affordable by Design by Alice Horrigan, Affordable Housing Issues, Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing • Design Matters in Affordable Housing (December 1999) • Top Ten State and Local Strategies to Increase Affordable Housing Supply (February 2003) • Impact of Construction and Real Estate on Florida’s Economy (June 2003) • Low Impact Development (April 2004) Affordable Housing regulations, City of Redmond, WA Affordable Housing: Meeting a Town’s Affordable Housing Obligation While Protecting Natural Resources, Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions Affordable Housing Task Force Report, City of Anna Arbor, MI Affordable Housing: Why So Many Failures? by Arrol Gellner American Planning Association Planning • “Not Your Grandmother’s Granny Flat” by James H. Andrews (March 2005) • “Here to Stay: Mobile home parks hold their own” by Meghan Stromberg (February 2005) • “Affordable Housing in an Unaffordable Region” by Kristin Palm (January 2005) • “Putting the Force in Workforce Housing” by Tim Sullivan (November 2004) • “Both Adffluent and Affordable” by Randy Richardson (November 2004) APA Policy Guide on Factory Built Housing 2001 Barriers to Affordable Workforce Housing Lock Out Low and Mid-Income Families by Carole Pawlak, City ordinance would link new development, affordable housing by Ronald Leir, Bayonne Journal Creating Affordable Housing, Definition, Affordable Housing, Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department Expanding Development of Affordable Housing in New York City: An Action Plan for Reducing Costs and Stimulating Construction, Housing First


Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse, Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing Household Cost burden: % of Income Spent on Housing, All Households, 2002 • Household Cost burden: % of Income Spent on Housing by Renters, 2002 • Household Cost burden: % of Income Spent on Housing by Owners, 2002 • Household...
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