Article Critique of The ‘Fear of Crime-Media Feedback’ Cycle

Topics: Crime, Criminology / Pages: 3 (744 words) / Published: Jul 12th, 2014


Cashmore, Jordan. 2014. “The ‘Fear of Crime-Media Feedback’ Cycle”
Internet Journal of Criminology © 2014 ISSN 2045 6743 (Online)


Reporting on violent crimes in the media is often described as fear mongering. Every day you turn on the local and national news and are bombarded with images of the violent crimes that are taking place in our cities, states and country, this increases the public’s fear of being victimized and creates a sense of impending violence. This article attempts to prove that the reporting on violent crime in the media in regards to levels of violence in our communities is actually beneficial in protecting the public by creating a:

‘Fear of Crime-Media Feedback Model’, whereby the media influences levels of fear in its audience and affects their routine activity, thereby affecting their exposure to potentially victimizing situations by encouraging avoidance behavior; influencing people to remain in their home as opposed to venturing onto the streets.
The researcher believes that with further research, the model could be used to reduce the victimization risk to the public by using media reporting to influence the public’s behavior.

While the researcher did not conduct his own data gathering research, he did utilize research work that had been done in on this subject to support his thesis. The subject matter of these works include; the introduction of the ‘fear of Crime-Media Feedback model, violent crime and avoidance behavior, the Routine Activity Theory (RAT), and encouraging the use of technology by youth to increase in-home activities. These works include but are not limited to;
Cashmore, J. (2012). ‘Crime reducing entertainment: The contribution of media entertainment and communication technologies to the UK’s victimisation drop’. Internet Journal of Criminology. [Online]
Garofalo, J. (1979). ‘Victimisation and the fear of crime’. Journal of research in

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