Article 4 Summary DNA Mugshot Gives

Topics: Science, Gene, Genetics Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Article 4 Summary: DNA Mugshot Gives Cops Another Lead
Investigators do not have any source of evidence at a crime scence for murder, except for a blood sample. Researchers have claimed that they could develop a technique that could allow them to determine an individual’s face just by looking at a sample of their blood. They have discovered that our genes determine our face shape and predictions about appearances, hair colour, and racial ancestry can be made. In 2012 a university team discovered five genetic variants that had effects on an individual’s face shape. Another team from a different university conducted an experiment with 600 volunteers with a combined European and African ancestry because people with a combined ancestry usually have different and unique face shapes. This experiment would help find more genetic variants affecting face shapes. They found a relationship between genes, racial ancestry, and sex, and how they determine ones facial structure. They also confirmed that if there is a defect in one of the genetic variants, it could alter the face structure. After all of the tests and experiments, they concluded to have discovered a total of 24 variants in 20 unlike genes that helped to determine what the structure of the face. This information alone was not enough to be used routinely by crime labs. Another experiment had to be conducted. New Scientist asked researchers to look at a woman’s DNA and predict her facial appearance. The results were extremely accurate and proved that the genetic variants that determined facial structure were correct. It is believed that in five to ten years from now, scientists will be able to predict a face just from a blood sample. It is hoped that this technique will also aid in predicted appearances of people from skeletal remains, and extinct human relatives. This article was related to the course of genetics because it has content about how our genes can determine our appearance and who we are. This article...

Cited: Aldhous, Peter. "DNA Mugshot Gives Cops Another Lead." NewScientist 22 Mar. 2014: 14-15.
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