article 3 bill ofrights

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Q. Where do I find the people to job change classes?

Cleric - Farouk (Alker Harbor)
Priest - Farouk (Alker Harbor)
Inquirer - Dubachanta (Red Orc Outpost)
Necromancer - Cindamook (Naila Village)

Q. What kind of light armor should I wear?

A. At lvl 105 I suggest you either buy the Gardener's set or try to craft a 105 set with vit/int, use that till level 115 then craft your level 115 set with vit.

Q. Where can I farm the Gardener's set?

Gardener's Leather Armor(Maggot Richard) - Huge Garden
Gardener's Leather Boots(Lady Bugs) - Huge Garden
Gardener's Leather Gloves(Cannot be dropped)
Why? Because you have to craft it by acquiring a sketch.

Q. Where can I acquire the sketch for the Gardener's Leather Gloves?

A. The sketch is dropped by the following mobs:
Nightmare - Graveyard
Werewolf - Graveyard
Ghost Esquire - Graveyard
Fighter In the Wind – Graveyard

Q. Where can I obtain the 1-Handed Wands that allow me to use a shield?

Wand of Protection (Fungus Rook - The Gate of Alker) - Level 5 Wand of Glory (Stone Golem - Tarintus) - Level 27
Arcwand (Orc Archer - Moon Blind Swamp) or (Red Orc Outpost) - Level 33 Holyove (Basilisk - in The Way To Howling Ravine) - Level 51 Wizardly Wand (Red Mimics - Dryed Gazell Fall) - Level 64
Zukini Death Wand (Lucky 77 1st Box) - Level 69
Athena's Mithril Hammer (Lucky 77 3rd Box) - Level 82
Power of Lotus (Lucky 77 3rd Box) - Level 83
Medusa's Wand (Fighter in the Wind - Graveyard) or (Wild Mantis - Huge Garden) - Level 104

o Level 1-15 : Alker Gate
o Level 15-20 : Ruins of Draconian
o Level 20-30 : Zakandia
o Level 30-35 : Moon Blind Forest
o Level 35-40 : Moon Blind Swamp
o Level 40-60 : Howling Ravine
o Level 60-83 : Howling Cave 2nd floor
o Level 83-90 : Valley of Fairy Level 90 to 100
o Level 90-100 : Ghost Tree Swamp
o Level 100-105 : Huge Garden
o Level 105-110 : Naila Harbor
o Level 110-125 : Grave of the Knights
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