Art Final Reflection

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During our first Visual Arts unit, we created a self-reflection piece. We looked inside ourselves to find qualities and things that we thought were important, then tried to combine all that into one word that we thought described ourselves. I thought that I was like a river in the world, and so my piece is called “My Gang.” I chose this name mostly because of the background. When I was thinking of a name for this project, I immediately thought of the Hangang (Han River) in Seoul. I think this is because all of the pictures came from SEOUL magazines, and are, therefore, different pictures of Seoul pieced together. I also had put pieces of my life (ambitions, family, citizenship, etc.) in my river, so I decided that I could take the two parts of the piece together and came up with “My Gang.”

There were a few important objectives for this project that we had to keep in mind as we were creating our pieces in order to make sure that it was appropriate for our ideas. One of the main objectives that I think was important to making this piece was making sure that I was able to communicate the idea that I wanted. Basically, we were trying to communicate our blank in the world to others without really telling it to them. I actually didn’t do a very god job of this—there were times that I completely forgot what I was trying to do with this piece and was just making it to make it.

I used quite a few materials to make my finished project. One of the most important was the SEOUL magazine. I did the background using magazines to make it seem more city-like, because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to draw or paint a city that looked as real as that. I also used powder pastels, markers, paint, a painting knife, paint gel, and, of course, paper, scissors, glue, and cardboard. These materials helped me to create the picture that I had originally sketched in my Developmental Workbook. My project had a river in the middle surrounded by city on one side and...
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