Art Essay Hsc

Topics: Performance art, Human, Art Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: August 5, 2013
- Alison Strachan

* Discuss how artists have differed in their practice over time. Use examples to support your answer. * Yves Klein, Stelarc and Ron Mueck.

Artists throughout time are subjected to changing their practice due to context and issues within this time period. Artists that center around performance art, who use shock to convey their artworks, are subjected to change. Changes within the world inspire artists to create artworks that reflect these evolving aspects. Different developments in terms of practice have changed the world that we know. Advancements with technology, science and environment have influenced performance artists such pioneers in performance art Yves Klein, Stelarc and Ron Mueck who creates life like figures artworks that in their own way perform for the audience. These influences have shaped the performance artists practice, Klein’s use of monochrome art to represent the empty space surrounding the earth; the void, by using his own mix of the colour blue; Klein creates artworks to represent the empty space in the environment. In Klein’s later years he began to work with naked female models to create body prints. Likewise to stelarc’s use of incorporating technology within the body to make a hybrid or cyborg to reflect of what humans will become in the future, Stelarc looks at the body’s ability to expand or be altered as well as the mental capabilities of being fused with the cybernetic world. Technology has had a dramatic influence on Stelarc’s practice. Mueck creates life like sculptures often altering the size of the figures. Mueck’s use of creating grotesque, eerie life like sculptures shocks the audience, sometimes thinking that they would be real if they were the proper size ratio. Mueck’s art work ‘Dead Dad’ shocked audiences into believing that there could have been a real dead man lying on the floor. If the artwork were to be resurrected, friends and family would recognise the sculpture straight away, and to the...
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