Ariba case study 2

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Ariba Implementation at MED-X:

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Chris,  what  do  you  mean,  ZHFDQ¶WGHSOR\WKHV\VWHPRQWLPH",W¶VDPRQWKEHIRUHWKH HQGRIWKHSURMHFWDQGQRZ\RX¶UHWHOOLQJPHWKDWZHPD\QRWGHSOR\RQWLPH'R\RX NQRZZKDWWKLVPHDQV"'RQ¶W\RXXQGHUVWDQGZKDWWKHLPSOLFDWLRQVDUH",GRQ¶W understand  what  went  wrong.  This  entire  time  I  have  been  reviewing  the  budget  variance   and  combined  earned  value  reports  and  everything  appeared  to  be  fine.  How  am  I  going   to  explain  this  to  the  steering  committee?  I  want  to  know  what  went  wrong  with  the   project  and  how  you  are  going  to  fix  it!  

Terry  Baker,  CIO  of  MED-­X  Inc.,  a  Fortune  500  pharmaceutical  company,  was  furious.  The   e-­procurement  implementation  she  had  been  sponsoring  was  not  going  according  to  plan  and  the   project  manager  had  very  few  answers  for  her.   Christopher   Martin,   a   consultant   from   Implementation   Technologies,   was   the   project   manager   for   the   $2   million   Ariba   e-­procurement   implementation   at   MED-­X   Inc.   This   was   0DUWLQ¶VILUVWWLPHPDQDJLQJDIXOO-­life-­cycle  e-­procurement  implementation  and  he  was  having   problems   figuring   out   what   was   delaying   the   project.   He   had   been   aware   of   some   potentially   troublesome  events  early  in  the  project,  but  had  not  been  comfortable  reporting  them  to  his  client.   Martin   was   very   bright,   had   a   great   deal   of   technical   development   experience,   and   knew   Ariba   functionality   ZHOO +H ZDV MXVW FRPSOHWLQJ KLV 0%$ LQ WKH PDQDJHU¶V SURJUDP DW WKH Kellogg   School   of  Management,   and   was   looking   forward   to   a  big   raise   when  this   project   was   over.  However,  Martin  knew  very  little  about  earned  value  and  had  never  seen  it  used  in  project   analysis  before.  His  client  Terry  Baker  was  demanding  answers  and  Martin  had  to  figure  out  what   was  going  wrong.  

The  Ariba  implementation  was  broken  up  into  several  phases.  However,  the  critical  path  went   through   two   major   components   of   the   project:   technical   infrastructure   setup   and   software   customization.  Looking  at  the  project  plan  alone,  Martin  could  not  figure  out  which  component   was  causing  the  delay.  

MED-X Inc.
MED-­X   Inc.   was   a   global   pharmaceutical   company   headquartered   in   Houston,   Texas,   with   fifty-­four  plants  and  more  than  40,000  employees  worldwide.  Founded  by  a  genetic  engineering   ©2006  by  the  Kellogg  School  of  Management,  NorthweVWHUQ8QLYHUVLW\7KLVFDVHZDVSUHSDUHGE\$OH[*HUVKEH\Q¶DQG'HUHN
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