Argument Essay: Steroids

Topics: Growth hormone, Illegal drug trade, Hypertension Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Danny SchirmacherMarch 5, 2013
Honors English IIBlock 2

Should Players Be Kicked Off Team If They Are Caught Using HGH

Should one be banned from their team if they are caught using human growth hormones? In the past, players have gotten suspended, penalized, and fined after using the HGH. Players use these drugs to enhance the way they play their game. These drugs are harmful to the human body, and numerous doctors and physicians do not suggest the use of them. Also, the usage of HGH is considered cheating in almost every sport. Athletes are particularly blinded by the short term effects of these drugs, such as, acne, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. They think it will enhance the talent they already possess, and some of these athletes do get away with using them. The long term effects of these drugs overweigh the “benefits” of the drugs. Therefore, these players who use HGH should not be let off when they are caught.

Athletes, student-athletes, and average joes play sports for the competition, fun, and satisfaction of doing well. This satisfaction of doing well the athletes feel tend to overpower their minds and make them want to become even better. This results in, the usage and over usage of HGH. Human growth hormones help make the athlete stronger, hence, the performance enhancement. These drugs have serious side effects that are hard to get rid of, such as, liver failure, neurological issues, and HIV. The athletes who have knowledge on what can potentially happen to them just flies right over their head, and they continue to cheat at the sports they get paid to play. Because taking HGH is considered cheating there are punishments if they are caught. Mr. Hernandez, a teacher and former professional bodybuilder, said the punishment for a first offense was a one year suspension. If it happened a second time, the bodybuilder was banned from competition. Some sports do ban the players, but most do not.

Athletes in every...
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