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Movie: Argo

The movie Argo is based on the true story. In the history the story is known as the Canadian Caper. The movie is about how the production of a fake sci-fi movie was used to rescue 6 Americans from the Canadian ambassador's house in Teheran in 1980 after they were able to flee from the American embassy when Iranian militants stormed it in 1979.

It all started in 1950, when the Iranian people elected Mohammad Mosaddegh as prime minister. He nationalized Iranian oil industry, which was under British control since 1913. This way the Iranian population was in charge again over the Iranian oil. But in 1953 Masaddegh was removed from power through cooperation between the American CIA and the British MI6. Mahammed Reza Pahlavi was installed as Shah. He kept his power through the police and by threatening people. It was a time of threat, fear and torture began and then he started to westernize Iran and enraged the mostly Shihad population of Iran. All this ended in 1979 when the people overthrow the Shah and Khomeini returned as the supreme leader of the Iranian revolution from his exile. He spent the last 15 years in exile due to his opposition against the Shah. After Khomeini had the power in Iran it resulted in firing squads and chaos. Meanwhile the shah and his family were able to leave Iran. In 1979 the shah was given asylum in the US because he was dying of cancer. The Iranian people gathered on the streets around the US-embassy in Teheran and were demanding the shah’s return and conviction in court, which would have most likely result in hanging him.

This is where the main plot of the movie starts, which shows the crowd in front of the embassy’s gates.

During this gathering around the US-embassy in Teheran, Iranian militants were able to break through the security points and stormed the embassy and took control over it. They were taking 56 Americans as hostages but 6 American embassy staff members were able to get away and found a hiding spot in the house of the Canadian ambassador. Two month later those 6 people are still hiding at the ambassador's house and the other 56 Americans are still hostages in the embassy. So Tony Mendez, who is the leader in the part of getting those 6 refugees home safely, and the CIA are considering several not really good plans to free them until Mendez comes up with a plan that not many people were agreeing on. The plan was that those six should pretend to be a film crew and looking for locations in Iran

and all that under Canadian passports and with Tony Mendez himself as their leader to get them home safe. Even though the embassy staff destroyed all paperwork about every person who is working at the embassy, the militants soon figured out that those 6 Americans are missing. Therefore they started to search local homes and killed anyone who was suspected for harboring those 6 refugees. Under the pressure that the militants could find those refugees soon, the CIA finally agreed on his plan and Mendez took a plane into Teheran. There he met the refugees at the ambassadors house and set them up with their fake identities, which they had to study until they were able to answer questions about their new identity without any hesitation. The first test was a meeting with local people who showed them the market of Teheran as a film location. But due to taking pictures of the location they got into an argument with one of the sellers and soon many more people gathered around them and they were the center of the attention. Fortunately they were able to get out of this situation without any big problems and all of them were relieved when they got back into the ambassadors house. For the next day the takeoff to the US was planned but the government decided to not to free those 6 people on this way anymore. So Mendez was in the position to have to decide of either just saving his own life and leave those 6 behind or still hold on to the plan without the government supporting...
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