Are The Three Sociological Perspectives

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Are the three sociological perspectives evident in daily life?

The three sociological perspectives are evident in daily life, as a result a symbolic interaction is seen when humans interact with each other face to face. For example, anyone who owns a home pays property taxes which in turn help fund their communities and functionally become interdependent. However since the humans began interacting inequalities developed causing a positive and negative changes in society.

To begin with traffic laws are an example of functionalism, which consequently allows our society to be able to work with each other in way that it is beneficial. Secondly these laws are introduced so that people on the road get where they need to get to safely every day. Additionally Functionalism is demonstrated by traffic laws, whenever you see a car stop at stop sign. Finally there are functions of traffic laws which are unintended, Such as improved traffic times when a bunch of cars are occupy the public roads during rush hour. The conflict of interest with firearms is that society does not yet know whether the positive effects of owning/using weapons out weight negative possible objectives. Secondly since guns were introduced into the world people debated about if curtain should be allowed to own them, for example people who have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime are not legally allowed to own a firearm. Consequently the issue of gun rights has caused state officials to run extensive background checks on people to increase the restriction on what you need to own a firearm. The uses of symbols are so that humans can communicate with each and understand what is being said, for example a symbol can have a multiple or different meanings. Such as the “v” which in the United States of America means peace but in other country like England turn hand around and it becomes offensive. Symbols allow people to interact with each other sometimes without even saying a word but just by doing a...
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