Are Teenagers Given Too Much Freedom

Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: August 18, 2010
I, personally, have to strongly disagree with you there. Growing up, I had more freedom than any other teen I had ever met. Literally. I moved back and forth between my mom's house and my grandma's house and no one ever stopped me. I never had to be in by a certain time.

I'm positive that it's not always true, but some kids without rules are the ones that turn out better. Because I didn't have rules growing up, I taught myself how to live. When I wanted to do something, I knew that if I told them, they wouldn't stop me. I could telll my mom I was going to a party, and as long as she knew where it was and that I wouldn't be driving, she was okay with it. On the contrary, most kids who grow up with controlling parents, have to SNEAK AROUND to do the things they want to do. What kind of parenting is that? Now, not only were they trying to be controlling of their kids, but now their kids are out partying and their parents have no idea where they are because their kids can't be open with them. That can't be good.Too much freedom?

Now the thing here is not to stereotype. Alot of kids today are wrapped up in cotton wool, but in equal measure some are given too much freedom which results in them taking advantage.

However, if a child is given too little freedom they're probably going to end up completely unstreetwise and at danger or rebelling. Either is not good.

The trick is getting the balance. Alot of cases depend on the child themselves, and trust with their parents/guardian. It would also depend on their age, and what is considered too much freedom. Becomming an individual and independent is very important. Without freedom children cannot do this.

Basically, if they are trustworthy they should be given more freedom, and if not then yes, they are given too much freedom. I believe so. When I was a teen, I didn't have really any freedom. There are still kids out there that don't have that much freedom because they have strict parents. I constantly...
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