Are Smaller Families Better for Society?

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Are smaller families better for society?
Statistics show that “larger families are becoming rarer”. Some would argue that this is better for today’s society whereas others still believe in the traditional values of a big family. With the cost of raising children increasing many people are deciding that they simply can’t afford a big family. “Families are struggling as the cost of bringing up a child has risen to £148,000”. In previous times, the extended family, particularly grandparents, would help with the raising of children, thus eliminating child care costs. In the current climate as working further afield to find suitable work, this close knit extended family are slowly becoming extinct, putting more pressure on parents to be able to afford childcare while at work. Due to the current media, children are exposed to constant advertisement and propaganda, increasing their desire for all the latest crazes. Many parents feel if they don’t live up to these expectations they are somewhat failing their children. It can be argued that a smaller family is “less stressful and can lead to more quality time with the family you do have”. But with parent’s having more time to spend with each child, do these children become overly protected and “treated like a porcelain doll”? By giving a child too much care you then take the risk of them becoming attached consequently having an effect in their later life. Also, this could lead to a child being seen as, or acting, spoilt which again will have a significant effect during their adulthood. However, in a smaller family unit it is easier to nurture the few children you have and it is easier to make them feel safe and secure. Having a large family could mean that the children get lost in the background, particularly the older ones as the level of focus and care goes to the younger children. With higher levels of education becoming more accessible, more women are getting a better education, consequently meaning they are more...
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