Are Diamonds Still a Girl's Best Friend?

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Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

Buying jewellery in India has been restricted for ages for specific occassions. Birth, birthdays, festivals, marriage etc. 

Buying jewellery in India is mostly done by the woman, for the woman and from the woman!

Buying jewellery India has been a 'Gifting exercise' - from parents to daughters, sister to sister, In-laws to daugher-in-law or son-in-law, friend to friend et al. Buying jewellery in India is an emotional experience, for emotional reasons, mostly! Check the Tanishq ad below.

Buying jewellery in India meant going to your regular 'jeweller' called as a 'saraf/soni/johari' in local language and giving order as per the design you liked. This meant tremendous amount of trust in that jeweller. This never would be a problem as this jeweller and his earlier generations would make jewellery for one's family for generations now. Buying jewellery in India means placing your trust. This trust comes across through generations. New age brands continuously either fail to build trust or develop a perception of good quality about their brands vis-a-vis old time jeweller.

Buying jewellery in India usually means 'Gold' and for a very specific reason, diamonds too. Diamonds have always been something that is beyond the reach of normal person. 'Diamond'?? Diamond has always been pronounced as a question mark akin to that young boy in Dhara Vegetable Oil ad who would say, Jalebi ? Reason is simple. Diamonds have been very very costly for Indians from time immemorial. The precious stones that need be imported and designed have always enjoyed the ultra premium image in the minds of people in India. Hence buying jewellery usually meant, MEANT Gold till a decade or so ago. Diamonds have slowly but steadily gained inroads in the mind of Indian woman buyer. Availability of low cost diamond jewellery through different brands in retail outlets has made it a bit...
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