Are Children Affected By Nature Or Nurture?

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The debate of whether a child is more affected by their nature or their nurture is complex and mindboggling debate. There are strong augments for both sides of this debate; on one hand a person might be more affected by nature because they have a genetic disorder that affects how they react to certain sections. However a child might also be more influenced by nurture because nurture has to do with the way a person can be affected by their environment and the way that they are raised. I believe that a child is equally affected by both nature and nurture throughout their lives and that one is not more important than the other. Instead a child’s- future behavior depends on a delicate balance of both nature and nurture.
Nature is defined by the genetic and hormonal explanations for your behavior that you receive from your parents when you are conceived (McLeod 1). Nature has to do with things like your blood type and the biological traits that you receive for each parent that allows you to look like them. Nature also has to do with our sex drives and aggression and how they both affect our behavior (McLeod 1). However nurture is
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My development as a child was largely affected by nurture because of my parent’s authoritative parenting style. Authoritative parents are defined as parents who are strict and warm, they demand mature behavior but, they use reason rather than force in discipline (P.242). Nurture was also influential to my development because without learning skills with the help of my parents, such as writing and cooking, my zone of proximal development would have suffered. This lack of proximal development would have affected my overall growth and development. The Zone of proximal development is defined as Vyogotsky’s term for the situation in which a child carries out tasks with the help of someone more

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