Are Adults Always Right

Topics: Thought, Cyclops, Answer Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Are Adults Always Right?

Are adults always right? The question that I would love to prove wrong, but after reading my journal entries I have to come to a conclusion. Since adults do have experience they make acceptable decisions, but being an adult doesn’t always mean that you know everything. Therefore, there are many reasons why this question could go between yes and/or no. In many entries I had adults making a decision that really was up to their own discretion. For example, in entries 11, 12, 13, and 17, I wrote about songs that famous artists have produced. In one entry I wrote about the song Home by Phillip Phillips, I realized that in his lyrics he says “Just know your not alone, ‘cause i’m gonna make this place your home.” In that line he is clearly making a decision that only affects him, same goes for all other songs. In some cases, the adult does make the right decision, which can lead to great things. In my entry, based on “Thank You Ma’m” the older woman decides to bring a kid who attempted to rob her into her house. She then finds out that the kid just wanted to buy some shoes, so the woman gave him the money knowing that the boy will do her no harm in the future. She made the right decision because treating someone with respect always makes the person feel like a friend to the other. In many cases adults are right, but its the right decision that can decide your future. I think that what I have really found while writing all of my entries is that adults make most mistakes on choosing the right answer when it comes to a number of people relying on it. For example in entry number 10, when Odysseus decides to lead his men into the cyclops house without the giant knowing. He is not only risking his life but others as well, which can result in a major controversy between to people. When adults make the wrong decision for a group of people, the turnout can lead to many possibilities that wont be acceptable. After reviewing all of my entries and...
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