Archetypes Within Osiris and Isis

Topics: Osiris, Jealousy, Horus Pages: 3 (1141 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Osiris and Isis is an African myth that talks about afterlife and immortality and how Osiris became the symbol of immortality. In the myth, Seth plays the jealous trickster. The jealous trickster is the character that tricks and cons them by luring them into traps that he/she has set up. I have chosen to analyze Seth because this jealous trickster personality trait defines the meaning of unhappy rage, and envy towards a brother for living lavishly and wanting to get rid of Osiris. He is also the misunderstood one and he is casted off.

Seth is an antagonist to the myths protagonist, Osiris. In the myth, Seth dislikes his brother Osiris and his sister Isis. Seth is seen as the envious villain that is trying to get rid of Osiris. He showed the characteristics of being evil and disliking others (antagonist).Seth tried a variety of tricks on Osiris, such as tricking him into the chest and cutting his body into fourteen pieces. He wanted to kill Osiris so that he could take his power and rule the land. The only thing that stopped him was Isis. Seth saw her as a hindrance to his plots of destroying Osiris. Many of Seth’s attempts were prevented because of the presence of isis.Because he is the antagonist, the reader may be drawn to his plots and schemes. Positive:

1.Adroit-crafted a chest that was precisely mad for Osiris. 2.Determined-after finding out that Osiris was back, still continued to get rid of him by slashing his body into fourteen pieces. 3.Clever – thought of many different plans that may help get rid of Osiris. Negative:

1.Naïve-assumed that Osiris body would not be found and revived. 2.Envious- wanted his brother’s assets and power.
3.Ungrateful-never paid attention to what he had, such as a wife and some land. The core quest was for Seth to dispose of Osiris so that he could rule. He hated how people loved and praised Osiris; and the more good he did and the happier mankind became, the stronger Seth’s desire to kill him and rule in his place....
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