Archery Pre-Teaching Assignment

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Section I

History: Archery is one of the oldest arts or sports known to man and is still practiced today. From its early development in ancient times until the 1500s, the bow and arrow were used more extensively than any other weapon throughout history. The use of the bow and arrow first appeared in Egyptian artworks and is reported in folklore as far back as five thousand five hundred years ago (although its invention, in all probability, dates back to the Stone Age). In prehistoric times, people used bows and arrows to hunt for food and for self-defense. During the Greek and Roman civilizations, armies used the skill of trained bowmen to win many battles. Archery achieved new status an American sport in 1828, when an association called “The United Bowmen of Philadelphia” was formed. This group is still in existence today. The National Archery Association (NAA) was founded in 1879. It still sponsors annual national archery competitions.

Section II

Object of the game: The object of the game is to score the most possible points by shooting arrows as close to the center of the target as possible.
How a winner is determined: Scoring is determined after one set of three arrows. Team score is determined after each player has shot his/her three arrows, and then it is the sum of the players’ scores. If a game is tied there will be a shoot-off: •If the score is still tied in the third shoot-off, the team with the arrow closest-to-the-center will win; •If still tied the arrow second (or third) closest-to-the-center arrow will determine the winner; •If necessary there will be successive three arrow (one arrow shot by each athlete) shoot-offs for score if necessary followed by closest-to-the-center evaluation until the tie is resolved; •The time limit for a Team shoot-off will be one minute.

Scoring Values (in points)Colors
10 Outer Yellow
9Inner Yellow
8Outer Red
7Inner Red
6Outer Light Blue
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