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Topics: Management, Visual perception, Eye Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: July 9, 2009
Aravind Eye hospital is an inspiring example of a how a great leader with a great vision is all it takes to build a successful organization. And when the vision is that of service to mankind, culture and values play a major role in shaping that success. Dr.V of Aravind Eye hospital was able to bind his organization with his vision and values. Most importantly they had the right business model which supported them through their cause. A critical analysis of the success factors will help us understand if this model can be replicated across businesses and geographies. Question 1: Can its success be replicated? If so under what assumptions and conditions Level 5 leadership Someone who blends genuine personal humility with intense professional will The success of Aravind eye hospital can be attributed to the visionary Dr.V. He was a level 5 leader who built enduring greatness to make his dream of eliminating blindness not only in India but all over the world come true. Such was his strong personality that he could lead, inspire, instil discipline and take everybody along with him to make his dream come true. He led from the front right using his own life to prove that anything can be achieved through determination, hard work and discipline. The Aravind concept is a model of a successful faith-based and value-driven enterprise. Ever since its inception and throughout its existence, the Aravind concept had been successful largely (or partly) because of the deep commitment to do well (the overarching mission) of their founders (Dr. V and his extended family) other physicians, and staff of the hospitals and eye camps. Cost Efficient

Surgeons in Aravind worked for 60 hours a week against an average of 30 hours in other hospitals. Aravind has managed to beat costs in every area of its service: The hospital’s own Aurolab, begun in 1992, pioneered the production of high-quality, low-cost intraocular lenses. Aurolab now...
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