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From 1861 to 1865 America was facing one of it worst times, the Civil War. This war had resulted in drastic changes all throughout American society. Labor and industrialization were two significant changes after the war. Slavery was outlawed due to the Thirteenth Amendment, so many blacks became sharecroppers. The war also pushed America to industrialize which led to many new and important inventions. Industrialization led to changes in agriculture and farming methods, which also effected different labor systems. The consequences of the Civil War greatly impacted American life.

Labor after the Civil War was effected immensely due to the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment. This amendment was made to free the enslaved blacks. Freed blacks were not able to leave the south so they became sharecroppers and still worked for the wealthy whites because of the Cycle of Indebtness. Blacks were still uneducated and taken advantage of by whites but were paid very little. In 1865, Freedman’s Bureau helped fix the problems faced by free slaves and whites. Also in 1865, the Central Pacific Railroad opened up new job opportunities to Chinese workers. This is the first time the Chinese were employed in America. They were seen as more efficient workers than the Irishmen. The Burlingame Treaty of 1868 protected the Chinese workers and immigrants in America. Worker’s organizations were also being formed. In 1866 the National Labor Union united farmers and factory workers, and in 1869 the Knights of Labor supported private property rights and the laborer’s independence. These laborers included farmers, entrepreneurs, and factory workers.

Due to the increasing industrialization for the good of the country, many new inventions often took the place of humans in the work field. New inventions included Thomas Bell and telegraph in 1876, and Thomas Edison with the phonograph in 1877 and the light bulb in 1879. Inventions such as the shoe- lasting machine put humans...
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