APUSH American spirit 14th edition terms

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, William Lloyd Garrison Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Leah Manfra
Mr. Lindell
December 6, 2014
Ch. 16 Terms
West Africa Squadron: British royal navy force formed to enforce the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. It intercepted hundreds of slave ships and freed thousands of Africans. Breakers: slave drivers who employed the lash to brutally “break” the souls of strong-willed slaves Black belt: area in the South where slavery was most concentrated Responsorial: African religious practice in which the congregation punctuated a minister’s remark with “amens”, an adaptation of an African ringshout dance Nat Turner’s Rebellion: (1831) a rebellion started by a VA slave who believed he received divine messages telling him the time was right for a rebellion, gathered 80 followers who killed 60 whites, Turner was eventually captured and executed. Greatly increased tensions between whites and blacks across the South Amistad: (1839) Spanish slave ship dramatically seized off the coast of Cuba by the enslaved Africans aboard; the ship was driven ashore in Long Island and the slaves were put on trial; former president John Quincy Adams argued their case before the Supreme Court, securing their eventual release American Colonization Society: a society that thought slavery was bad. They would buy land in Africa and get free blacks to move there. One of these such colonies was made into what now is Liberia. Most sponsors just wanted to get blacks out of their country. Liberia: place where freed slaves could return to Africa

The Liberator: an anti-slavery newspaper written by William Lloyd Garrison. It drew attention to abolition, both positive and negative, causing a war of words between supporters of slavery and those opposed. American Anti-Slavery Society: group of abolitionists

Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World: written by David Walker, a free black man originally from the South. It is arguably the most radical of all anti-slavery documents, caused a great stir when it was published in September...
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