Apt Technician

Topics: Pathology, Biology, Anatomical pathology Pages: 3 (510 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Job Code ** NEW**
-Updated Version-

Continuation of previously approved Proposal (Mark Barglowski 5/11/04)

Position Summary:

The anatomic surgical pathology technician is accountable for providing highest-quality specialized Histology technician, technical, clerical and miscellaneous duties in the Anatomic Surgical Pathology Laboratory following established standards and practices. The anatomic surgical pathology technician assists the Pathologist/Pathologists Assistant and Prosecutor in the gross room and Morgue.

Position Duties:

1. Histology Technician Responsibilities – Assist pathologists with Intra-operative procedures (orient, embed, freeze, cut, mount and stain appropriate slides as directed) 2. Assist in Autopsies
3. Assist with the procurement of surgical specimens.
4. Gross indirect surgical specimens as needed.
5. Sort, process and classify biopsies from PSJ, Holy Cross Medical Center, outside clinics and various other locations. 6. Verify demographics of patient information and enter the information in the Co-Path computer system following strict HIPPA compliance. 7. Interact with the general lab, doctor’s offices and the OR to troubleshoot problem specimens. 8. Interact with other Lab departments on the status of shared specimens. 9. Organize various biopsy specimens as to type and process accordingly. 10. Prepare the specimens for examination and assist the Pathologist/PA with the grossing procedure evaluation providing adequate number and type of appropriately labeled cassettes, tools and supplies. 11. Load specimens on VIP tissue processor as well as maintain processors. 12. Send specimens to specialty reference labs, using established protocols. 13. Store and process left over specimens and coordinate disposal per protocol. 14. Assist Pathologist using...
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