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In the article by Marta Dynel, verbal humor was divided into the categories of canned jokes and conversational humor. Conversational humor is the term used for verbal humor that are spontaneously fashioned. The different types of conversational humor are: lexemes and phrasemes, witticism, retorts, teasing, banter, put downs, self-denigrating humor, and anecdotes. Lexemes and phrasemes are the shortest kind of conversational humor and they deliver humor by juxtaposing their components and their new semantic meaning. Retorts overlap with witticism and its humor originates from its objective to amuse the third party audience at the expense of the addressee through aggressive humor. Teasing also utilizes aggressive humor, but it is used in a playful manner under a humorous frame. Banter involves the exchange of humorous remarks between parties that build upon each other. Although put downs may seem similar to aggressive teasing, it produces a type of humor that is meant to mainly ridicule its target. In self-denigrating humor, speakers are able to present their positive side by mocking themselves to a certain extent that is not fully degrading. Anecdotes are delivered through humorous narratives that are centered on a person’s experience. Witticism, which is further expanded in the article by Norrick, are humorous remarks that do not necessarily occur in humorous conversational situations. The types of Stock conversational witticism (SCWs) are comparisons, retorts, quips, allusions and register clash. The humor in SCWs is manifested through their schema of conflicts that tells the unexpected and irrelevant things. Although verbal humor is a powerful way of showcasing an individual’s intelligence and wit, the speaker need to take into account of where they are generated for they can be impolite and offensive at times.
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