Appendix G Psy 240

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Appendix G


This activity will increase your understanding of the different biopsychological theories of emotion. All of these methods can be found in the readings from this week.

Directions: Complete the matching exercise by matching the theory to its attributes. Type the letter in the blank provided (do not worry about underlining).

Then, Write a brief summary of each theory (1-2 sentences each)

Limbic System

1. __a___ Was first published in the book The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals. 2. __c___ Emotional stimuli have two independent excitatory effects. 3. __b___ Reversed the usual common-sense way of thinking about the causal relation between the experience of emotion and its expression. 4. __a___ Emotion is a product of Evolution.

5. ___c__ Views emotional experience and emotional expression as parallel processes that have no direct causal relation. 6. ___c__ There is a linear relationship between seeing a fear stimuli and feeling fear. 7. __c___ All emotional stimuli produce the same general pattern of sympathetic activation 8. ___a__ Expressions of emotions evolve from behaviors that indicate what an animal is likely to do next. 9. __c___ Different emotional stimuli induce different patterns of ANS activity and that these different patterns produce different emotional experiences 10. __d___ Key structures include: the amygdala, mammillary body, hippocampus, fornix, cortex of the cingulate gyrus, septum, olfactory bulb, and hypothalamus 11. ___a__ Is largely on the basis of anecdotal evidence.

12. ___d__ Emotion-Inducing sensory stimuli are received and interpreted by the cortex, activate the nervous system, then the nervous system responses trigger emotion. 13. __d___ Developed by Papez.

14. __a___ Facial expressions tend to be the same for all people, regardless of culture. 15. ___d__ Developed in 1937.

Don’t forget the...

References: Pinel, J. P. J. (2009). Biopsychology. Boston, MA: Pearson.
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