Apollo God of the Sun

Topics: Hermes, Greek mythology, Apollo Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Apollo God of the sun, Hermes God of messaging, which is just what movie franchises have blown out of proportion and lead us to believe, a fallacy of what their true character is. Before the Greek era Apollo was know as Lycian meaning “wolflike” this could have meant that he was the protector of shepherds from wolves or had some divine connection with wolves. And also seen with a bow he would also be referenced as the archer god yet he had no connection to hunters, but was know for plagues. His arrows shafts contained death itself and when shot from the heavens they were unseen and unlucky to those who crossed paths with it. Apollo was most notable for the third eye he gave to certain mortals especially his oracle at Delphi and even more notable for his musical skills on the lyre. In our definition of Greek myth Apollo was the God of Shamans, giving knowledge to mortals through prophecy that gave them the ability’s of healing and with his additional musical skills to society he was the ideal young aristocrat of ancient Greek time to look up too. On the other hand his brother Hermes was a complete opposite of his older brother. Hermes was associated with travel in ancient Greek time; for a safe journey travelers would throw rocks into a pile and with this function he also protected thieves and anyone else who paid tribute to his protection. Hermes name can be translated to “herma= Stone heap” and “ bad guys” , stone heap for obvious reasons people would toss rocks into a pile for safe journeys and bad guys because he was also know for his trickery. In The Homeric Hymn To Hermes it states that “Maia’s infant was clever, a swindler, a robber, a liar, rustler of cattle, fast talker, burglar and cracker of safes” Hermes from this passage is not the ideal aristocrat to look up too. Both Apollo and Hermes were sons of Zeus both Gods were opposite in their nature and duties. Apollo is the “aristoi” a medicine man, noble, young, rich, established, righteous,...
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